For a growing Professional Practice, effective management of their staff and resources is essential to meet the demands of clients in need of services of varied complexities. It is observed that MS Excel is still used by several practices for the purposes of management. However ,it is essential that in order to successfully build and grow a practice, a one-stop practice management solution designed to go beyond the utility of excel is put to good use. CorDL is one such intelligent solution.

It is a secure, cloud-based Practice Management solution which seeks to address the pain-points of CA’s concerning office and workload management, client and staff collaboration, invoicing, timesheet and leave management, along with providing actionable data via extensive reporting and analytics on the Practice.

CA’s in general have had to endure the same ‘pain-points’. They range from the huge workload and ensuing backlog, to a lack of centralized control on the firm’s activities, inefficient work tracking and lack of historical records, billing oversight, disorganized resource management, and ineffective, tardy client collaboration. CorDL is proving itself a panacea for all such ills. It is device independent, can be accessed anytime-anywhere via the internet and is equipped with bank grade security.

The first feature that strikes you about CorDL is the pleasing, intuitive UI (user interface), which is consistent throughout and simple to use. Its important features include Tasks Management, Invoicing, Reporting and Analytics, Mass Mailing, and Timesheet and Leave Management for staff, among others. These features serve in addressing the aforementioned ‘pain-points’.

A noteworthy useful feature in Tasks Management is the Recurring Tasks feature. A recurring task is an activity that repeats periodically for the CA firm. Using this feature, a recurring task can be configured just once and CorDL auto-creates the task as per the set recurring frequency, thus eliminating the need to create the same task manually over and over again each time it recurs. This way the staff/associate can be proactive with the clients before the due date and ensure timely completion of services to the client.

The Invoicing feature also serves in ensuring that no billable activity of the firm is left unbilled. The invoices can be generated based on either the task completed or on the effort made/resource utilized for the client. The Timesheet feature captures and records the time spent by the staff on each client with respect to the service performed. This is useful in reporting and analytics to gain insights on the firm’s efforts vis-a-vis each client.

Another noteworthy feature is the ‘Email’ — mass mailing feature, using which clients can be communicated with over email via CorDL. This can be done service-wise (emails of those clients who have availed the selected service will be auto selected for one-shot mass mail), or client-wise.

These and other nifty features in CorDL enforce discipline, accountability, automation and tracking into what used to be a less organized practice. Now you can place your undivided attention to scaling up your Practice. Have a Cordial Experience! Thanks for reading.