Meeting the diversified needs of your clientele requires an effective management of your staff and available resources. The actual duration taken by an employee/associate for completing a service offered by the CA firm vis-à-vis the standard duration required is an important comparative performance measure.

Such individual performance measures, compared with the standard is an indication for the organizational efficiency, prompting the outliers to pick up slack, fine tune their resource management and handling, and deliver timely service to the clients, improving the firm’s efficiency. Thus, the employee’s feeling of contributing effectively and efficiently to the overall organizational well-being is enhanced.

Cordl’s Intelligent Time sheet feature captures and records the time spent by the staff on each client with respect to the service performed. A timesheet report easily obtained in Cordl is used as a performance measure and as a signal of your firm’s efficiency. The duration taken by an employee for performing a certain service, compared with a standard is a clear indication on the effective utilization of available resources. Any indication of shortcomings in service delivery is a prompt for your firm to fine tune available resource management. Also, a useful insight is gleaned as regards the firm’s efforts vis-à-vis each client and the returns gained from it. Hence the long term viability of both your staff and clientele can be held for consideration, thus saving resource.