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This helps entities to communicate seamlessly. Supports different use cases and has transaction enablement. Analytics and reporting are integrated.


Offline businesses can build their online presence, manage inventory & easily add new products. You can have complete control over the look & feel of your online store, fulfill orders, enable payments.

Service Management

Service requests are raised, responded and tracked to closure. This builds greater engagement & satisfaction with customers and helps increase repeat business for offline brands.


Enable customers to make bookings, Build Loyalty by a very innovative loyalty management engine. Our platform Integrates with multiple payment gateways. Enterprises can manage events.


Location Services

Enable businesses to track bookings, Fulfill bookings to closure, On-Demand Services, integrate with third party providers, Serve Advertisements, feedback management and ensure a great experience throughout the process.

Demand Prediction

Demand analysis by getting booking information, Analysis of the usage patterns to predict the demand and collect the requirements proactively. It helps in customer management and greater customer satisfaction.